Our Vision for the Old Tannery

Development potential exceeds 34 000 m² of retail, commercial and light industrial space.

The Old Tannery is a substantial 67 000 m² property situated on the edge of Wellington, alongside the Krom River. The development of the Old Tannery is in its early stages, but the property’s development potential exceeds 34 000 m² of retail, commercial and light industrial space.

Once it is fully developed, the Old Tannery will be transformed into a creative hub that attracts tourists, shoppers, diners and families looking for a safe and tranquil destination.

The current upgrade

Work is underway at the Old Tannery to unlock 3 000 m² of upmarket niche retail and office space.

The newly developed space will open onto the Krom River and ensure that the Old Tannery lives up to its potential to become a destination of choice for day trippers out of Cape Town.

A whole foods market, restaurants, a brewery or distillery and a play area for children are just some of the attractions that weekend visitors can expect to enjoy at the Old Tannery. During the week, office workers and craftspeople will work in trendy, functional spaces, inspired by the fresh air and natural beauty of the Wellington valley. 

The Old Tannery is working with the Wellington Tourism Office, local wine estates and businesses in the area to offer tours from the Old Tannery to local farms, either on buses or horse-drawn carts that recreate a time when the Old Tannery was at its zenith – a centre of industry and creative energy in Wellington.

34 000 m²

Retail, commercial and light industrial space

An artist’s impression of the immense creative and commercial potential of the Old Tannery.

The property development team

Sean Mackay, Brenda Barry and Deon van der Vyver of Colam Property Group are responsible for the management and development of the Old Tannery property.

The Colam Property Group is a property investor that is actively and personally involved in its projects. Between them, Colam’s principals have 50 years of property experience. 

Colam’s speciality is to invest in underperforming properties, or properties with a rich history, and transform or restore them into vibrant property assets. 

Prior to Colam purchasing the property, the Old Tannery was a derelict property that had been systematically stripped of its valuable timber, copper piping and cables and illegally occupied by squatters. Over the past two years, Colam has injected new life into the Old Tannery by upgrading the available areas to be fully compliant with municipal regulations for occupation and safety. It has also upgraded electricity and water supply, fire and sewerage systems. 

Colam believes that once the Old Tannery is fully developed, the property group will have saved a historic treasure from ruin and built a tourism destination that will attract visitors to Wellington for years to come.