A creative hub and family-friendly destination where people can eat, drink, shop and work.


Wellington’s “Old Tannery” dates back to 1871 and is one of the oldest factories in South Africa.

A project to restore and develop the unique industrial spaces of the Old Tannery is well underway. Some buildings have been converted into light, bright and modern office accommodation, others have been lovingly refurbished to provide authentic spaces for gatherings such as weddings and special birthdays.

The Old Tannery currently houses designers, artisans and creatives in a range of commercial and light industrial spaces.

The restoration of the Old Tannery is taking place according to the exacting guidelines of South Africa’s heritage regulations.


Relax with a craft beer produced by the Garagista Beer Company, or enjoy a light meal and truly fantastic coffee at the Old Tannery Coffee Shop or the Classic Car Café. The choice is yours.

The Old Tannery offers a wide range of classic, light and airy spaces, both large and small, in which to create your own, totally unique and memorable event.

Browse the showroom of the Old Johannesburg Warehouse, one of South Africa’s leading antique, fine art and collectibles auctioneers. Shop for honey and artisanal delights at Hemelnektar, or browse the shelves of the Three Sisters book exchange. You can even purchase supplies for domestic animals at the Old Tannery. See our list of tenants for more information.

Be inspired by your surroundings. The Old Tannery offers an extraordinary mix of industrial, office and creative spaces.

The Old Tannery is home to

Restore the legacy

Our vision

For more than a century, the Western Tanning & Boot Co. brought industry and prosperity to the people of Wellington. Our vision is to restore the legacy of the Old Tannery by building a creative hub and family-friendly destination where people can eat, drink, shop and work – surrounded by the unique heritage and natural beauty of an iconic landmark.

Home of The Old Tannery

The Old Tannery is located in the picturesque town of Wellington, in the heart of the Cape Winelands.
A pleasant 45-minute drive from Cape Town, Wellington is best known for its wine, brandy, table grapes and deciduous fruit, but it is also steeped in history and tradition and appreciated for its beautiful Cape Dutch architecture. Wellington was formally established in 1840. It was variously known as Limiet Valley (Frontier Valley), Wagenmakersvallei (Valley of the Wagon Maker) and, towards the end of the 17th Century “Val du Charron” or Valley of the Cartwright. The French name was given to Wellington by the French Huguenots, who settled in and around the town in large numbers. The Old Tannery was established outside Wellington in 1871. Almost 150 years later, the property is being restored, with a view to it playing a central role in the burgeoning tourist economy of Wellington.

What our tenants say

We made the Old Tannery our home in July 2017 and have not regretted the decision for a single day. The site gives any tenant the feeling of being part of a Wellington of yesteryear. The uniqueness and character of the buildings, and the atmosphere at the Old Tannery, complement our company’s brand very well and we are proud to call the Old Tannery our home.
Mauritz Kriek
MD, Lillimex
We need a space that is large and easy to access so that we can offer our clients a wide range of furniture, equipment and decor for their events. We have found the ideal premises at the Old Tannery.
Anelma le Roux
Owner & Founder, Baie Goeters
We enjoy that the Old Tannery, with it’s old industrial feeling, is situated just outside of Wellington. We also enjoy the diversity of all the businesses at the Old Tannery. We have received a lot of potential clients through customers who support other business here and then come and have a look at our products.
MJ van Niekerk

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