Baie Goeters

Baie Goitres is an event hiring company that supplies beautiful, distinctive furniture and décor for events. A wildly creative team of stylists is what sets this company apart from the rest.

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BOPA is a wholesale animal health shop. It carries a wide variety of products and services and can supply all medication under Act 36, including vaccines, pest control, dipping, deworming, disinfection, equipment, toxin binders, dog and cat food and animal feed mixtures.


AB Legal

AB Legal Inc. is a boutique law firm with roots in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. It aims to provide the best, affordable legal assistance. AB Legal specializes in property law, notarial and fiduciary services, commercial contracts and estate administration.

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C1 Wealth Management

A division of C1FS Financial Services, C1 Wealth Management specializes in providing bespoke financial services in the emerging digital asset sector. Catering to both private clients and institutions, the firm focuses on personalized guidance and strategic solutions, powered by a seasoned team of experts and comprehensive regulatory compliance

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COLLLECTIV specialises in the artistry of window coverings, weaving a tapestry of beauty and functionality. Colllectiv window coverings embrace a home with a symphony of style and sophistication. 


N Z Studio

A fashion design studio that specializes in custom design garments for bridal and occasional wear, NZ Studio is headed by two passionate and experienced designers.  Please visit NZ Studio by appointment only.

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PETSE specialises in the development of groundwater resources within rural and mining environments. The company takes ownership of the full project development cycle or specific parts thereof, from feasibility and financing, through to the construction and operation of water supply systems. Petze means “water well” in Setswana.

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Red Wolf Global

Red Wolf Global is a new breed of international logistics company: active, professional, experienced and innovative. Red Wolf global handles all types of logistics, from air freight, ocean freight, commercial cargo, project cargo, exhibition, relocation cargo, perishable cargo, and trucking, consulting etc.

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