FDT Service

FDT Services is a company that supplies parts and knowledge to the cold room and refrigeration industry, but who is not limited to this industry alone. FDT Services is also the proud Southern African partner of MTH s.r.l, an Italian manufacturer, and world wide supplier, of industrial cold and freezer room doors. The MTH range of products includes door components and parts as well as complete door systems and together with their Italian sister company, FriforAfen, they also supply refrigeration units. Goods are imported from Italy by FDT Services and distributed to the local market. For the complete range of MTH products please visit the MTH S.r.l website at or contact FDT Services for more detail or recommendations as to what solution will suit your specific need.


Agri Shalom

Agri Shalom is a manufacturer of high quality live stock handling equipment. Our manufacturing plant is situated in Bloemfontein, South Africa which makes the sourcing of our equipment to different parts of the country very easy and convenient. We supply live stock solutions according to client’s specifications.  


GHY Design

What we are all about? We are a bunch of creatives that simply love design, tech, development and most of all, making our clients happy! Our designs are current and fresh and we make sure that they are compatible with every printing and branding industry, so that the design keeps its colour, shape and value. For our websites, we use the latest web technologies and industrial standards. All our websites not only look good and work well on desktop computers, but they are also responsive for mobile devices. Cross-platform mobile apps and mobi-websites puts us ahead of most of our competitors. If you want your business to reach further than ever before, investing into mobile, whether it be apps or mobi-websites, will give your business the edge it needs in this tech driven age. Make the GHYD Team part of your next project!